Travelling on a Vespa allows you to experience the landscape in a unique way, feeling the wind, scents and sounds of nature blending with the characteristic engine noise that accompanies every adventure.

It is a way to create authentic connections with people and places, far from conventional tourist routes. For more than seventy years, the Vespa has been the protagonist of numerous tourist rallies, such as the famous Vespa World Days, which every year brings together thousands of enthusiasts in a different location around the world. Thousands of events dedicated to Vespa Clubs offer the opportunity to explore beautiful scenery and experience unforgettable moments in the company of other Vespa riders.
Discovering the world on a Vespa means travelling with style, freedom and an unmistakable sense of belonging. 

Today, Vespa-friendly championships have been created where you can express all your desire to play safely and under the watchful eye of experts, marshals and enthusiasts.Those who like to play with orienteering and the stopwatch can try their hand at the VespaRally, while for those who love precision and agility there is the Gymkana.