President: Ruslan Ninov



Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels

Founded in 2014

Affiliated clubs: 2

Vespa Club Bulgaria was founded in 2014. in the city of Sofia by a group of enthusiasts who continue to develop it to this day. Ruslan Ninov has been its chairman since its foundation until now. The club is the first registered Vespa Club and official for Bulgaria. Throughout the year we have regular meetings and rides that take place once a month during the summer season. We also organize and participate in various events, both at home and abroad.

The main event of the Bulgarian Club is the Bulvespa days, and the event aims to gather all Vespa lovers and admirers from the country and abroad. The event takes place over several days at various locations in Bulgaria.The club is constantly developing. We built a membership table and regular meetups and rides. We became a member of the Vespa World Club, and recently also of the Vespa Club Europa. We have visited and continue to visit a number of international events. We have helped hundreds of Vespa friends and fans. We created the club website and our social media pages. We organized the first Bulgarian Vespa Days – Bulvespa in 2018 and 2022.

Our mission and hobby is to help and support all Vespa lovers, both at home and abroad. We follow the rules and laws of traffic on and off the road. Owning and driving a Vespa is a unique experience of the mind and body and a matter of honor.