President: Annamária Szabó



Founded in 2022

The first and for many years the only club was founded in 2004 under the name Vespa Klub Magyarország. This club operated as a national club.
In 2016, the Veteran Vespa Club Hungary was established in Szombathely, followed by the Vespa Club Győr and the Fannulloni Vespamici in 2018.
From 2020 local clubs were established under the pressure of the Vespa World Club. (2020-Vespa Club Alisca, 2021-Vespa Baráti Kör, 
2022-Vespa Club Budapest and Vespa Club Debrecen)
In April 2022, representatives of the 6 official clubs registered at that time, founded the umbrella organisation, the Vespa Club Hungary Association,
 whose task is to unite the Hungarian vespa community and maintain contact with international organizations.
Now there are 7 official clubs in Hungary, of which the first 6 are the founders of VCH
– Fannulloni Vespamici Hungary (founded in 2018, president:  Gigler Ákos) 19 members
– Vespa Club Alisca (founded in 2020, president: Szabó Annamária) 54 members
– Vespa Baráti Kör (founded in 2021, president: Steffek József) 12 members
– Vespa Club Budapest (founded in 2022, president: Tamás Ferenc) 36 members
– Vespa Club Győr (founded in 2018, president: Chroméj László) 51 members
– Veteran Vespa Club Hungary (founded in 2016, president:  Horváth Ferenc) 10 members
And the new member is:
– Vespa Club Debrecen (founded in 2022, president: Sándor István) 27 members