Vespa World Days 2018 - Belfast (United Kingdom)

The splendid capital of Northern Ireland welcomed more than three thousand Vespas officially registered for the event – in addition to the thousands spontaneously arrived from all over the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland – representing 37 nations, from the United States to Indonesia, from Australia to Mexico, from Canada to China, passing through all of Europe and the Mediterranean area up to Israel. A spectacular snake of Vespas unfolded on the splendid Causeway Coast, between green meadows and the North Sea, welcomed by the applause and greetings of the local population and then made its base in Belfast. Among the many examples presented, the oldest and most precious vehicle went to a splendid and highly efficient 1951 Douglas Vespa, completely preserved with the original spare tire of the time.As per tradition, the last act of the Vespa World Days was the proclamation of the winners of the Vespa Trophy, the coveted tourist trophy which, created in partnership with Michelin, competes with Vespa Club members, called to testify with photos and special stamps on your Travel Book all the stops on their journey to Belfast.The victory smiled at Italy thanks to the Vespa Club Verona which preceded the boys of the Vespa Club Morciano di Romagna, in third place the Belgian team of the Vespa Club of Oostende. Special awards were given to the Presidents of the Vespa Clubs of Cyprus and Oostende, while the award for the Lone Vespa Rider went for the first time to a woman, Jennifer Parker, member of the Vespa Club Prague who alone traveled over 6,000 km to reach Belfast.

National Vespa Clubs and their members can contribute to the photogallery below. Please send your pictures to the following e-mail: