Vespa Gymkhana World Championship Ranking

First edition – Pontedera 2024 

The Vespa World Days 2024 in Pontedera hosted the world’s first edition of the Gymkhana World Cup. The event attracted Vespa enthusiasts and riders from all over the world, who competed in an exciting series of skill tests.

Final ranking:


1. Giacomo Dienier (Vespa Club Italia)
2.Romano Brunelli (Vespa Club Italia)
3. Stefano Giorgi (Vespa Club Italia)


1. Emanuele Petriglia (Vespa Club Italia)
2.Fabrizio Oliosi (Vespa Club Italia)
3. Angelo Ferrulli (Vespa Club Italia)


1. Ivan Agosti (Vespa Club Italia)
2.Bartolomeo Giustino (Vespa Club Italia)
3. Emanuele Agosti (Vespa Club Italia)


1. Alice Signori (Vespa Club Italia)
2. Floriana Elli (Vespa Club Italia)
3. Mia Donini (Vespa Club Italia)


1. Andrea Signori (Vespa Club Italia)
2. Cristian Marinelli (Vespa Club Italia)
3. Lorenzo Genovese (Vespa Club Italia)

You can view the complete ranking both overall and by category here: Gymkhana World Championship 2024

Click the bottom below to see the full prize-giving gallery of the Vespa Gymkhana 2024:

An Award of Excellence for Our Champions: Dell’Orto.

At the heart of the competition, where speed and skill come together to create a breathtaking spectacle, the riders of the first Vespa Gymkhana world championship had the honour of being awarded by a name synonymous with excellence and tradition: Dell’Orto.

Founded back in 1933, Dell’Orto is a historic company that embodies the values of quality, innovation and passion for the world of motors. For generations, Dell’Orto has been a reference point for mechanical enthusiasts, thanks to its high-precision carburettors and injection systems, which have marked the performance of countless vehicles.

On the occasion of this extraordinary Vespa Gymkhana race, Dell’Orto not only offered prizes for the winners, but brought with it a history rich in values and tradition. The same care and dedication they put into their products was reflected in the prizes presented to our champions, a tangible symbol of excellence and prestige.

Together with Dell’Orto, we celebrate not only our drivers, but also the legacy of a brand that has been able to turn its passion into a true art. Thank you, Dell’Orto, for making this event even more special.