Once again this year, the most fearless Vespisti, those who reached Guimarães in the saddle of their beloved Vespas, competed in the Vespa Trophy, the competition between Vespa Club members, who witnessed, with photos and special stamps in their Travel Book, all the stages on their journey to Northern Portugal.

Co-protagonist of the trophy for the whole of Europe was the official Piaggio Network, which, thanks to its capillarity, played its part with the Dealers as checkpoints ready to provide competent and rapid assistance to travellers en route to the European Vespa Days.

Excelling over all the fierce teams from 8 nations was Vespa Club Verona, which confirmed itself as champion for the third time.

In the Piazza d’Onore we find Vespa Club Trento and in third place Vespa Club Canada, taking part in the trophy for the first time. Biagio Melone of Campobasso, on the other hand, received the special prize offered by Poggio alla Pieve, a partner in the initiative: an experience between tourism and discovery of the Pontedera area and the Piaggio Museum, home to all Vespisti.

For all participants a discount on maintenance at Piaggio Group workshops, useful after several thousand kilometres on the road.