VWD 2019 in Hungary

On 14. and 15. October I have been in Hungary to visit the area where the VC Hungary plans to organize the VWD 2019. It is the “Zánkai Erzsébet-tábor”, a kind of youth village directly at the lakeside of Balaton. It is an area with many houses with 2, 3, 6, 8 and 10 beds per room and a hotel with ca. 20 rooms. The houses can be interpreted as houses with holiday flats. All rooms have their own bathrooms but the kitchen and the living room are central. It is a bit like a youth hostel. In total there are more than 2.000 beds directly on the area. So it is possible for the clubs to have their own flats in the size they need. All houses are redecorated and in good condition.

There are playgrounds for children, a sports hall where the museum could be organized and a sports field where the concourse d’eleganze could take place. The area includes a camping area for tents and Camper/Caravan with electricity, WC and showers. The area is enclosed.

It is planed to organize the Vespa Village directly at the lakeside of the Balaton. Here are again many WCs. Electricity and water is also available. The way from the lakeside to the farest house will be max. 2 km.


My impression was that it will be a good area to have nice VWD 19. After events in the cities of Celle and Belfast it will be a bit more out of town – a good variety. The participants will find all they want: good places to sleep, a big lake with warm water, beach, fun …

Uwe Bödicker
Vespa World Club
Tourist and Club Commissary