About Vespa World Club

In these pages you can find all the details about the worldwide club of the most famous scooter on earth, the Vespa. If you believe that all Vespas have a steel heart which makes them unique and unmistakable, if you love to feel the street slip way beneath the wheels of your Vespa, and if you’re in search of a Community of like-minded souls, visit these pages and discover how to become a part of the exciting realm which is the Vespa World Club®.


The VESPA WORLD CLUB® is an association formed in 2006. under the auspices of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. and the Piaggio Foundation, as the successor of Vespa Club of Europe founded in 1957.

Our Mission and Vision
The VESPA WORLD CLUB® is formed to harness and further develop the rich cultural and human heritage as well as the passion which resides in the national Vespa Clubs spread all over the world. The primary aim of the organisation is to support and endorse the multitudinous activities and initiatives which form part of the Vespa universe.
Various international sports events and gatherings are organised under the VESPA WORLD CLUB® banner, and club members are kept fully up to date on all fronts.

You can download our Statute by clicking HERE.




Vespa was born to make a lot of kilometers on the road and, from 1946. to Today, she has done more. The Vespa meeting is an opportunity to discover the beauty of the city/region/country to Vespisti who live far away. Our main event is Vespa World Days, the successor of Eurovespa.




In 1950s and 1960s, Vespa raced competitively against motorcycles, often winning the races. Today there are many races all over the world with various classes and associations that Vespas compete on. Vespa World Club Sport Division organizes European Rally and Gymkhana Championships.



There are over 100 different models of Vespa made, from 1946. to Today and all of them are still alive and conquering roads all over the World. Registro Storico (Historical Register) is dedicated to preserve the historic values and the importance of historic models to the World's automotive history.



Board Members - Club side


Secretary, Communications

Historical Register, Sports

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Touring, Communications

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