President: Christoph Heer



Zanzibar is the island of the Vespas. Most of the thousands of Vespas seen here are LMLs. But there are also some original Vespas. Christoph Heer, a Swiss expat who was organizing lots of Vespa events in Switzerland and now runs a hotel in Zanzibar (Simba Apartment Hotel, Bwejuu / also headquarter of the Club), decided 2018 to found the first Tanzanian Vespa Club: SIMBA VESPA CLUB ZANZIBAR. The club nowadays counts about 30 members and also accepts LML drivers. We do drive-outs on the whole island – as well with the members as with tourists. We rent out 4 original Vespas and also do social gatherings. «Simba Vespa Club Zanzibar» maintains close contacts to various Vespa Clubs allover the world, specially in Europe. Twin Clubs are: Vespa Club Ath (B), Vespa Club Lenzburg (CH), Vespa Club Cosenza (I) and Vespa Club Ischia (I).