Vespa World Days 2015 - Biograd na Moru (Croatia)

At Biograd (Croatia) the 2015 edition of Vespa World Days, Thursday the 11th to Sunday the 14th were four days of friendship and love for the adventure and voyage that brought more than 5,000 Vespas from 32 different countries to gather along the Croatian coast. Besides Europe, arrivals were reported from Brazil, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and Thailand. The presence at Biograd of representatives from countries in the former Yugoslavia was significant, naturally from Croatia, but also from Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia. Once again Vespa proved to be a bridge of friendship between different populations and generations. As per tradition, Vespa World Days concluded with the Vespa Club awards. It was an Italian triumph: Martin Stift, President of the Vespa World Club presented the Vespa Trophy to the Vespa Club Sirmione, a team made up of 12 Vespas that reached Biograd after visiting the most check-points throughout Europe. The all-Italian podium has the  Vespa Club Cerignola in second place and the surprise third place winner was the Veronese Vespa Club VR37100  which took this award in their very first time participating. The individual Vespisti awarded were Canadian Jeff Schneider, Russian Alexei Kozlov and Serbian Dejan Stojcic. 

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