Vespa World Days 2019 - Zánka (Hungary)

This edition of Vespa World Days, the annual gathering of national Vespa Clubs from all over the world, took place on Lake Balaton from 6 to 9 June: they paraded along the Hungarian roads in a procession of roaring scooters: over 3,500 Vespas from all eras have proudly followed the flags of the 40 participating nations. Victory in the traditional Vespa Trophy once again goes to the Vespa Club Verona followed by Vespa Club Ferrara and Vespa Club Tre Laghi, all Italian clubs. Inside the Vespa Village, in addition to the colorful themed market and spaces dedicated to the National Vespa Clubs, there was the presence of the official importer for Hungary with a stand with the entire new Vespa and Vespa Elettrica range and, thanks to the collaboration of local collectors, it was possible to set up a temporary exhibition of historic Vespas preserved from the first 98 of ’46 to the most recent ones up to the 70s (pre Vespa PX).

National Vespa Clubs and their members can contribute to the photogallery below. Please send your pictures to the following e-mail: