Once again this year the most fearless Vespisti, those who reached the Vespa World Days in Zanka in the saddle of their beloved Vespas, competed in the Vespa Trophy, the competition between Vespa Club members who witnessed, with photos and special stamps in their Travel Book, all the stages on their journey to Hungary.

Excelling over all the fierce teams from 11 nations was the Vespa Club Verona, which reconfirmed last year’s performance with a proto squadron to challenge the Km for the most checkpoints. The Verona Vespa Team was also joined this year by the “Ciao Team”, three boys and a feisty girl reached Balaton capitalising on the hours of cycling training over the winter. 

In the Piazza d’Onore we find Vespa Club Ferrara and in third Vespa Club Tre Laghi (VA), both taking part in the trophy for the first time. An all-Italian podium that underlines the passion of Vespa in our country. In the General Classification only fifth was VC Oostende (BE). 

In the “lone raider” category, victory went to England with Vespista Gary Robertson. Special mention for the fearless Peter Green, VC Cleveland and his over 16000 km around Europe.

The tricolour also continued for the special prizes offered by Michelin: VC Monteserra, VC Saint Vincent, VC Sirmione, VC Aprilia, VC Pisa, VC Rome, VC Trento and VC Baucina took to the stage at the Vespa Village and, together with VC Ticino and VC Turkey, received the applause of the Vespa people for their travel books full of stamps… excellent work even if not enough to get on the podium in this hard-fought edition of the Trophy. 

Co-protagonist of the trophy for the whole of Europe was the official Piaggio Network, which, thanks to its capillarity, played its part with the Dealers as checkpoints ready to provide competent and rapid assistance to travellers en route to Lake Balaton.