Tourism, Sport and Registro Storico are the three pillars of the Vespa spirit that dominates Vespa World Days 2024.

In addition to the traditional gymkhana, there will also be an innovative regularity school, an important opportunity to approach the sport.

Kind cooperation with Vespa Club d’Italia

Friday 19 April at the Vespa World Days in Pontedera will see the “Vespa Gimkana World Cup“, an obstacle skill test that will be set up at Vespa Village.

It consists of a course with various difficulties to be tackled: small jumps, transferring objects (moving rings, bottles or other objects) from one place to another, poles or pins, inversions, slaloms, bridges to cross… The final score is determined by the execution of all difficulties and above all… never put your feet down, that’s a penalty!
It is a very fun discipline that requires skill and good training.

Registration for the “Vespa Gimkana World Championship” will be open from 22 January 2024 at and will include four categories:
Nations with at least three entries will also be able to enter the Team classification.

Full regulations
GIMKANA world championship_EN
GIMKANA world championship_IT

The registration fee is €15 for Vespisti who have already registered for VWD24 and have received confirmation from the Organising Committee that they are among the 8000 places available, and €25 for those not registered for VWD or for those who were not able to be among the 8000 places available despite having applied for registration.

We will update you with all the details and the full regulation as soon as possible!
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Kind cooperation with Vespa Club Pisa and Vespa Club d’Italia

The Vespa Rally Championship was born out of a desire to experience the Vespa in a more sparkling way, a hint of competition combined with the chance to see sights and roads normally off the classic tourist circuit.
A route, an average and the special stages where to respect the imposed time.
A safe and fun way for that spicy desire that is in every vespista.

The Vespa World Days in Pontedera will host the Italian Stage of the European Vespa Rally Championship 2024, the “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP VESPA RALLY 2024 – ITALIAN STAGE ” on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 in the Vespa Village area dedicated to the sport.

The guidelines of the Vespa Rally are available at:
for more information

The particular regulations of the Italian trial will soon be available here:



and on the website

The trials will take place in the sports area of the Village in front of an international audience.
The extra-urban route will wind through the magical hills of Valdera, and on Sunday it will be the celebrated Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa that will host the special test in the cradle of the Pisan Renaissance.

All participants in the Vespa Rally Championship must be over 18 years old and a member of a Vespa Club affiliated with the Vespa World Club.
Pre-registration will be open from Jan. 22 to March 1 on the Vespa World Club tool for the following categories:
– 8 inches
– 10 inches
– Automatic

The Italian Stage of the European Vespa Rally Championship 2024 will also be the setting for the “Prova Unica del campionato italiano-CIRVA” (single round of the Italian Automatic Vespa Championship), a ranking dedicated to those who try their hand at Vespa Rally by choosing to ride an automatic Vespa.

The CIRVA guidelines are available here: 20240116052839_4 ITALIANO REGOLARITA’ AUTOMATICHE 2024

The particular regulations of Italian Regularity Vespa Championship will soon be available here and at the page

CIRVA is an Italian championship so all participants must be members of the Vespa Club of Italy.
All CIRVA participants must be members of a Vespa Club affiliated with Vespa Club Italia and have a Motornext card.

Pre-registration will be open from January 22 to March 1 on the Vespa World Club portal for the following categories:
– Electrics
– Automatic

SATURDAY, Day 1 (Vespa Rally only)
2 p.m.: convening of participants at the Parco Chiuso
2:30 p.m.: briefing followed by event
About 15.00 PROOF1
About 17.00 PROOF2
6 p.m.: end of day 1 event
SUNDAY, day 2 (Vespa Rally and CIVRA)
9.00 a.m.: convocation of participants
9:30 a.m.: event
3 p.m.: posting and publication of rankings
3:30 p.m.: awards ceremony on the Vespa Village stage during the closing ceremony

Times are approximate and may be subject to change depending on the number of participants.


Both Vespa Rally and CIVRA members and non-members can participate in the Vespa World Days, the fee is set at:
– € 70 for the Vespa Rally (€ 35 for registered Vespa World Days participants)
– € 40 for the Italian Automatic Vespa Championship only (€ 20 for registered Vespa World Days participants)
– € 70 for participants wishing to compete in both classifications (€ 35 for registered Vespa World Days participants)

The maximum total number of participants is 120.

Registration for non-members of Vespa World Days 2024 will be confirmed by the organization within 1 week, after confirmation payment must be made within 3 days.

For more info: o

The regularity training is designed for Vespa World Days participants who wish to approach a Vespa sporting sector that does not envisage difficult and particularly competitive trials, but mostly precision and skill with the rankings.

The training consists of a theoretical-practical part, is free of charge and will be held by the Sports Director of the Vespa Club d’Italia with the support of the Vespa Club Pisa.

The maximum number of participants is 25.

People who have already participated in regularity trials may NOT enrol on the course.

Pre-registration will be open from 22 January to 1 March on the Vespa World Club portal in the usual way and dedicated to registered participants.