Vespa Trophy, the Tourist Trophy organised in honour of Vespa, will begin again.

All Vespa riders registered in Vespa World Days can participate in the trophy: the 2024 aim is to reach riding the event in Pontedera (Italy) and on route visiting the largest number of “Piaggio Check Points” (Piaggio dealerships) with as many Vespa as possible.


Participation in the Trophy is easy: register your Vespa Club in the ride outs of the Registration System.

All local Vespa Clubs will have to register sending a sms message or whatsapp

on +39. 3383987208 specifying:

– name of the Vespa Club

– name of the Vespa Trophy Team Leader


– from 10th February: registration opening

– from 03rd April: sending Travel Book

– from 10th April: the Trophy and stamp collection

– from 18th April to 20th of April: Vespa World Days 2024. Travel Books will be delivered and the deadline is on 20th of April at 09.00am

– 20th April: announcement of the winner in occasion of the Awards Ceremony

Collect stamps and take pictures of your group in front of the Check Points and reach the final destination of Pontedera (IT) where you can win the Vespa Trophy 2024 (regulation on the Facebook Page Vespa Trophy).



For all Vespa riders the dates are from 18th April to 21th April on all roads through Europe with Pontedera as the final destination, where the winning Vespa Club will be announced.

Try to be the Vespa Club which visits the most check points in as many most countries as possible and have the largest group of Vespa riders.