The Vespa World Days is first and foremost a tourist event where the organizing Vespa Club undertakes, over the 4 days, to show off the beauty of its home.

It is a Worldwide Event where Vespa Friends have the time to enjoy themselves and make healthy tourism to the discovery, each time, of wonderful places.

TOUR n. 1
thanks to Vespa Club Pontedera

  • Destination: Villagio Piaggio, Murales (selfie point), Treggiaia (break), La Rotta, Montecastello (break)
  • Lap time: 4 hours
  • Route length (km): 30 km
  • Departures: Thursday 3.30 pm, Friday 10 am and 3.30 pm, Saturday 3.30 pm
  • Price for Vespista / Vespista+Passenger: 15 €
  • Max number of Vespa: 150 

With this tour we will take a journey of discovery through Pontedera.
We will immerse ourselves in the centre of this well-kept and attractive town, full of statues by illustrious artists, and among its streets, admiring its architectural and artistic peculiarities. We will pass by the Villagio Piaggio, built between 1938 and 1940 by Enrico Piaggio, where thousands of citizens have lived and still live, and by the various murals that colour the walls and corners of the town.

We will then continue through the beautiful hills of Pontedera, crossing woods, poplar groves and fields, enjoying the views and scenery of these marvellous territories.

Some particular points of interest that we will touch upon are the small village of Treggiaia, one of the most evocative places to see the vineyards typical of the Tuscan countryside, the ancient and picturesque village of Montecastello, which stands on the top of a hill, and La Rotta, a river park surrounded by greenery.

TOUR n. 2
thanks to Vespa Club Pontedera

  • Destination: Peccioli, Lajatico (collective selfie point), Terricciola 
  • Lap time: 5 hours
  • Route length (km): 80 km
  • Departures: Friday 9.30 am, Friday 2.00 pm (without Terricciola, just 68 km)
  • Price for Vespista / Vespista+Passenger: 15 €
  • Max number of Vespa: 100

An itinerary that will take us to Lajatico, an ancient medieval village, to discover magical places made up of gentle hills and enchanting views, and above all home to the famous Theatre of Silence, a natural amphitheatre strongly desired by the tenor Andrea Bocelli, a unique place where nature and the Tuscan hills are combined with music. A small landscape jewel in the heart of Tuscany.

We will make a stop in Peccioli, famous for its paved alleys and ancient palaces that create an almost surreal atmosphere, where the ‘chiassi’, or alleys, light up as you pass, creating unusual plays and atmosphere.

Don’t miss a visit to Terricciola, an ancient village full of delightful narrow streets and alleys between endless rows of vines.

TOUR n. 3
Thanks to Vespa Club Pontedera

  • Destination: Lari, Castel of Lari, Casciana Terme
  • Lap time: 4 hours
  • Route length (km): 45 km
  • Departures: Thursday 3.30 pm, Friday 9.30 am, Friday 3.00 pm
  • Price for Vespista / Vespista+Passenger: 15 €
  • Max numbero of Vespa: 100

On this tour we will visit Lari, known as the town of cherries for its cultivations, a small medieval jewel dotted with small villages and farms with incredible views from which we will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views.

An unmissable stop is the Castle of Lari, the fortress located atop the Borgo di Lari that dominates the Pisan hills and whose marvellous view over the entire Valdera offers breathtaking panoramas.

We conclude with a visit to Casciana terme, a spa resort of Etruscan origin, located in a beautiful position among olive groves and vineyards.

TOUR n.4
Thanks to Vespa Club Pontedera

Destination: Peccioli
Lap time: 3 hours
Route length (km): 40 km
Departures: Thursday 3.30 pm
Price for Vespista / Vespista + passenger: 15 €
Max number of Vespa: 100

This tour will take us to discover Peccioli, known as the village of contemporary art and part of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, which dominates Valdera from a hill planted with vineyards and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Pisan hills.

Amidst its streets, we will discover a place rich in history and well-preserved: the medieval-style historic centre with its narrow streets, arches and views of the surrounding countryside.

Awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club for its environmental excellence, Peccioli is one of Tuscany’s gems with its unique landscapes.


Tour n. 5 – full day tour

Thanks to Vespa Club Pisa

  • Destination: Vicopisano, Calci, Pisa – Piazza Cavalieri, Cascina
  • Lap time: full day
  • Route length (km): 55 km
  • Departures: Friday 9.30 am
  • Price for Vespista / Vespista+Passenger: 20 €
  • Max number of Vespa: 100

This full-day tour will take us to Piazza dei Cavalieri to discover Pisa, the city of the Leaning Tower, world-famous for this peculiarity. Pisa is a small city but full of surprises that will enchant you with its eternal beauty, an open-air museum: art, culture and beauty come together in a magical place, giving you breathtaking postcards of incredible places.

We will not miss a visit to San Giuliano, a delightful municipality in the Tuscan hinterland surrounded by luxuriant nature, immersed in green mountains and bathed by thermal waters. An oasis of peace between the plains and the mountains, to admire an authentic Tuscany with an unspoilt landscape.


Tour n. 6 – full day tour

Thanks to Vespa Club Valdelsa

  • Destination: Volterra
  • Lap time: full day
  • Route length (km): 98 km
  • Departures: Friday 9.30 am
  • Price for Vespista / Vespista+Passenger: 20 €
  • Max number of Vespa: 100

Thanks to this ‘journey into the Middle Ages’, we will arrive in Volterra, a pretty town with a characteristic medieval appearance and a well-preserved historic centre full of medieval buildings, particularly known for its Etruscan origins and numerous archaeological finds from this era. Few cities in the world can offer a clear picture of the past and the succession of civilisations like Volterra, thanks to its well-preserved historical centre with its wealth of medieval buildings.

A trip to the city of alabaster, known for its production, where it is still possible to savour the atmosphere of an ancient village.
Volterra was also nominated in 2022 and reconfirmed in 2023 as ‘Tuscan Capital of Culture’.


The routes may be changed by the organisation for reasons of force majeure, safety and weather conditions.

Only participants registered for Vespa World Days who have registered for the chosen tour will be allowed to take part in the tours.

All tours have a maximum number of Vespas: once the maximum limit has been exceeded, participants who have requested to take part will be put on a waiting list and any vacancies on other tours or new routes will be notified.

We are working with the Vespa Clubs of Tuscany to create the most beautiful programme possible to show our Vespa friends the wonderful roads of Tuscany: keep following us!