President: Christian Laufkötter




Founded in 1952

The Vespa Club of Germany (VCVD) was founded on July 20, 1952 in Düsseldorf. A main
initiator alongside several local clubs was Jakob O. Hoffmann. He was the owner of the Hoffmann
company, which built the Hoffmann Vespa under license from 1950 to 1954.

The club grows and grows. There was a gap in the 1970s and early 1980s. But the sporting
activities helped to survive. Since the 1990s things got better again, and the number of affiliated
clubs is still increasing.
Germany organized the EuroVespa/Vespa World Days in
1956 München
1967 Mainz
1983 Saarbrücken
1985 Frankfurt
1989 Kaiserslautern
1992 Pforzheim
2000 Hamburg
2017 Celle

We currently we have 200 local clubs with nearly 4.300 members.

Usually we have 3 or 4 big German touristic events. In addition, there are several local
meetings. There is also a sports scene with gymkhana, trials, high-speed races and regularity
races. A top event is the German Vespa Rally (GVR), in which touristic aspects are also
important in addition to the regularity ride. This year the GVR will take place on July 23rd and
24th in Neuss (Rhineland).

The board of the VCVD includes commissaries who take care of sports and tourism. In addition
to purely sporting events, the sports and tourism commissaries are trying to combine tourism
events with sports, at least by holding a gymkhana.

We have the quarterly club magazine Vesbasta, our own website ( and a
Facebook page ( We send out a newsletter by email at
irregular intervals in order to provide our member clubs with up-to-date information.