The second edition of the Vespa Trophy was held in Gjøvik, Norway, a competition between Vespisti travellers registered with their respective clubs that began with the 2010 Vespa World Days in Fatima to reward Vespa Clubs from all over the world who, thanks to a travel book, had to demonstrate with photos and special stamps as many stops as possible at the various dealerships throughout Europe.

Fundamental to this enjoyable and enthralling competition between Vespisti was the help and participation of more than 2000 Piaggio dealers throughout Europe, transformed into check points, who stamped numerous travel books: a stamp for every stop made by Vespa Clubs on their way to Gjøvik before the competition closed on Saturday afternoon.

The race again saw Club Vespan and Salem as the winner: starting from San Damiano d’Asti, with over 3,000 km covered and 7 countries crossed.

Following in second place was the Vespa Club Camino Monferrato Vercelli. From 3 September to 2 October, Augusto and Carlo, vespisti of the Vespa Club Camino Monferrato Vercelli, will be carrying out a Vespa Tour of Italy for an ANGSA (Associazione Nazionale Genitori di Soggetti Autistici – National Association of Parents of Autistic People) fundraiser.

Lastly, Os Vespistas Do Norte, a Vespa Club from Portugal, followed.

A special prize was awarded to Gherardo Becchi, representative of Vespa Club Ticino, by the mayor of Gjøvik for the highest number of solo stamps. The decision to award a special prize was taken by the Organisation, the Vespa World Club and the Municipality of Gjøvik.

Special note also for Giannis Stefanidis of the Vespa Club Skiatos, who set off alone on a 1978 Rally 200, covering 3500 km.

Number of registered Vespa clubs: 25 from 10 countries. Around 80 Vespa riders took part.

Good bye parties: 11

Check Point: 2015 in 18 countriesø