Once again this year’s highlight of the Vespa World Days was the award ceremony for the winners of the Vespa Trophy, the competition between Vespa travellers, who will witness with photos and special stamps in their Travel Book, all the stages on their journey to Hasselt. It is a touring trophy involving over 2,000 Piaggio Group dealers from 25 countries worldwide. All Vespa Clubs can participate: the objective is to reach Hasselt by 20 June by visiting as many Piaggio Check Points and with as many Vespas as possible.

The 2013 edition was won by the Vespa Club of Sirmione, while the Vespa Club Rovereto won the gymkhana race.

There were many stories to tell, even if they were not in the competition: Jean Louis Cruvellier from Aix en Provence travelled 1257 to get to Hasselt. For him, this is a very short distance, since he is the author of the book ‘260000 km en Vespa’; Alex Bulkin arrived on a Vespa from St Petersburg, covering over 1700 km. Augusto Gaudino from Camino Monferrato, a veteran of the Vespa Trophy, did not make the podium for the first year: he focused little on dealers because in September he will be doing the “Giro d’Italia in Vespa”, a charity tour in favour of the Autism Association.

Number of registered Vespa Clubs: 32 from 10 countries. Participating Vespa riders: 106

Number of checkpoints: 1992 in 27 countries

POS COUNTRY            VESPA CLUB                      NUM VESPA    POINTS
1             IT                    Vespa Club Sirmione                6                   432
2             IT                    Vespa Club Pordenone            5                    284
3             IT                    Vespa Club Recanati                                        40

CLM Awards
– Lorenzo Stizzoli VR37100 set off from Verona and got stuck with a breakdown. Had to return home, get another Vespa and start again.
– Alex Bulkin VC S. Petersburg