Dear Vespisti, with this information we would like to give you some useful pointers by answering your most frequently asked questions.

When does the WVD Pontedera 2024 take place?
From Thursday 18 April 2024 to Sunday 21 April 2024

Why was this date chosen for VWD Pontedera 2024?
The date of these Vespa World Days was chosen by the Vespa World Club, which wanted to celebrate Piaggio’s 140th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the Pontedera plant in Pontedera on a date that would not overlap with any international event since, by internal regulations, no other international events can be held in the month before and the 15 days after VWD. We will thus celebrate the Vespa where it was born and we will do so on its birthday. This anniversary is worth the decision to move away from the usual summer dates, which are already packed with events.

Where exactly will VWD Pontedera 2024 take place?
The venue of the event, where the Vespa Village will be set up, is “Piazza del Mercato”, 56025 Pontedera (PI), a large and modern asphalted car park 1 km from the town centre.

What will the weather be like?
The weather in April in Tuscany is relatively cold, but pleasant if you wear comfortable clothes. The thermometer reaches an average high of 19°C and a low of 11°C: the average temperature for the period in Tuscany is 15°C.
It rains frequently, so we advise our Vespisti friends to have rainwear and suitable clothing, while hoping for the typical spring alternation of wet weather, warm sunshine and crisp air.

When does VWD Pontedera 2024 officially start?
On Thursday 18 April 2024 at 2 p.m. the Vespa Village opens, and at 3 p.m. there will be the official opening. Before this date, the Vespa Village will be closed. Program is updating on the VWD24_program page

When does VWD Pontedera 2024 officially end?
On Sunday, 21 April 2024 at 2 p.m. there will be the Vespa Village closing ceremony.

What is the currency in use at Vespa Village?
The Vespa Village currency is the Euro.

Who can register for VWD Pontedera 2024?
Participation is reserved for Vespa Club members and therefore for all people regularly registered with a local Vespa Club affiliated with a National Vespa Club, member of the Vespa World Club.

When will registration open?
We will open registration on 10 January at 12 noon, Italian time.

How many tickets are available?
There will be 8000 registrations available and each country will have a quota of tickets available as we want all national Vespa Clubs to be able to get a place, regardless of time zone and club size.

How does one register for VWD Pontedera 2024?
Registration takes place via the official Vespa World Club registration tool. Each Vespa Club gets an access to the registration tool by its respective country.
For the first 3 days, tickets will be contiguous according to nationality so as to have as many countries as possible at the event. This means that for the first 3 days, the system will register the applications, which will then be handled by the Organising Committee by examining the entire list of national Vespa Clubs without any preclusion.
After 3 days, the Organising Committee will release the unoccupied places in the various countries and allocate them according to the order of registration of the Vespisti on the waiting list.
In the following week, the Presidents of the National Vespa Clubs will have to verify the list of Vespa Clubs present in their country and, only after this verification, the Organising Committee will send the registration confirmations.
The link to the registration system will be published on the page.

Are there daily entries?
No, there are not. Registration is unique and valid for the 4 days, regardless of which day you arrive at the Vespa Village or how long you stay at the event.

Will the free places at the end of the 3 days be available again for all countries in the world or only within a country? And when will the order for places on the waiting list be considered?
When registration opens, the system will start to receive all requests, marking the date and time. At this point we will have a list of Vespa Clubs and people to work with. After checking by the National President, we will proceed with the waiting list and any unoccupied places will be made available again according to the order of the list (order of arrival, not country, applies). This is in order to have as many countries as possible represented, as during the 3 days everyone can use their quota regardless of time zone, but we do not risk leaving places unoccupied.

What will be registered when registration opens?
On 10 January, we will only register participation in the event, all additional services such as tours, tastings, sporting activities, the Vespa Trophy and the Concorso d’Eleganza will be made available after 22 January after all National Vespa Club Presidents have been checked. Information on sport and the Historic Register will be put online on 31 December to allow time for Vespa Clubs to collect memberships.

Is it possible to register outside the official registration tool?
No, it will only be possible to obtain tickets through the Vespa World Club registration tool.

How does registration work for children?
the Vespa Village is open to the public, including minors. Clearly, only the 8000 registered participants will receive the welcome kit and be entitled to all services related to participation, but no one will be excluded, especially the Vespisti of tomorrow.

How do I know if my payment has been accepted?
In the registration system, the payment status will change from grey to green.    

How can I access to the registration system?
All Vespa clubs belonging to a national Vespa club among the 65 club of the Vespa World Club are eligible. Credentials are given to the club and not to the individual person. Credentials for bookin tours and all ancillary services are the same as those used for registration. So if you want to gain access you will need to contact the person at your vespa club who took care of entering the registrations into the registration system.

How can I register for tours? 
You can register for tours through the registration system.

How can I register for sport activities? 
It depends on whatever or not you are a registered participant of Vespa World Days. If you are a registered participant you can add Gimkana and Vespa Rally to your additional services (in the rides out/giri area where you registered) and pay the reduced fee. If you are not a registered participant of Vespa World days you will always find in the registration system the possibility to register for Gymkana and Vespa Rally in the option “NOT REGISTERED PEOPLE”. CLEARLY the registration is only possible through the credentials that each Vespa club has received from its national vespa club. Therefore, if your vespa club has already registered for the Pontedera event, it will be sufficient to log in with the same credentials; otherwise the contact person of your vespa club can request the user id and password from its national president.