Dear Vespisti, we are pleased to announce that during the Vespa World Days event, in Viale Piaggio, we will have the pleasure of hosting a market of stands dedicated to Tuscan delicacies. It will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culinary culture, with each stand represented by local food realities. You can delight your palate with 100% local products, offering an authentic Tuscan sensory experience. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing with you the gastronomic excellence of the Tuscan region


The Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 has been producing pasta in Tuscany for five generations. Today, the management is carried on by father Dino and his three children Lucia, Antonio and Marco Morelli. Using artisan techniques, both classic and special dry pastas are produced. It all starts with a careful selection of Italian or Tuscan semolina and other raw materials assembled with the same techniques as in the past, then slow kneading, bronze dies, hand-drawing on frames and drying at low temperature (maximum 50° for 36 hours) in a suitable environment that respects all regulations, the factory is not large but equipped with all the best technologies certified IFS high level.



Gazzarrini Tartufi has been running the truffle hunting business in the San Miniato area for four generations. In fact, it has been the first company to market truffles since the beginning of the last century.
As early as the late 1800s, Eugenio, the founder of this family, marketed the precious local tuber, making it known throughout Italy. At our stand you can find fresh seasonal truffles, both large and smaller pieces that will enrich the tables of gourmets. In addition, you will have the opportunity to purchase “Voucher” on open date for Truffle hunting & Tasting Experience, to live with us the experience of going truffle hunting, with a truffle hunter dog, in search of the precious tuber, in the woods of the San Miniato hills. And then move on to the actual tasting. All products on the stand will be discounted by 10%.


The objective of the Biodistrict is to promote, facilitate and enable widespread adoption of truly sustainable agricultural systems and markets, based on organic farming principles and permeated by a culture of innovation, progressive improvement towards better practices, integrity and transparency, inclusive collaboration, holistic systems and pricing based on real costs, including fair and decent compensation for human effort.


Birrante is a company that produces and sells craft beer, including through street events we organize. We produce 6 styles of beer depending on seasonality and with flavorings tuned to the styles. The choice of raw materials is one of our major focuses, with products as local and quality as possible.

At their stand there will be a special offer dedicated to Vespisti: for every 5 medium beers there will be a free medium beer!


“Good morning dear guests! Let me first introduce myself: my name is Giovanna Raugei and you can call me here after Giovanna!

To begin here some notes about our structure, the Agriturismo Carbonaia. 

In the second part of the 90s, as farming in Tuscany was undergoing an endless crisis, my younger brother alessandro decided to convert the farm into a very simple tourist resort; not a very special idea but, in any casa, one of the first similar undertakings in our area so that today we are proud to celebrate the 27th anniversary of activity..

While the only cultivated land left was still occupied by olive grows (we still farm them), Alessandro had the brilliant idea to reserve part of the breeding of an antique and rare race of domestic pig called (this is important!) “cinta senese”.

Cinta is not to be confused with a wild pig or a bore, no, it’s a very special pig that was forgotten since the medieval time simply because it didn’t provide the same amount of meat than a normal pork breading does. But… as it happens in nature, small quantity provides better quality!”

In their booth at the Tuscan excellence market you can taste their own meat such as: chicken, ham, bacon, fresh sausages and much more.


The adventure of Birrificio di Buti was born in 2013 as an “obligatory” stage of a journey undertaken several years ago. The union, between the passion for craft beer and the desire to create a product of my own to put on the market, led me to in-depth research of study, brewing styles and brewing systems.
Brewer Francesco’s bet is to give the local area an exclusive product, enhancing the short supply chain and contribute, albeit in a very small way, to the spread of the Italian brewing culture…craft beer has important nutritional properties and even in ancient times was called “liquid bread,” contains less ethanol than any other alcoholic substance and can be considered a real food: