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We, the Vespa World Club (“we”, “us” or “VWC”) take the protection of your personal data very seriously! This website is operated by VWC and we are a controller for the purposes of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. This means that we are responsible for, and control the processing of, the personal information you provide to us when using this website in accordance with this privacy policy. Data security and the protection of your privacy when processing personal data is an important concern for us, which we take into account in all our Club administration processes.

We have created this privacy policy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our members. VWC understands that members care about the use and storage of their personal information which we need to administrate your membership within all the Club activities.

By your membership and/or by participating and/or using our websites (including our mobile site), our social media pages, our mobile app, VWC properties and/or participating at VWC activities or any other VWC service, you are acknowledging that we are processing your personal information and, where necessary consenting to such practices, as outlined in this statement.


For what purposes do we process your personal data and how we get it?

If you are member of a Vespa Club, we basely receive information about you from your Club where you are member and who is member of the VWC, as far as it is necessary to govern and administrate the VWC and all the VWC activities where you take part or use a service.

If you are not member of a Vespa Club, we may get information from you using our websites, our social media pages and/or if you take part at a Vespa Club event.

Especially we collect personal information about you (and others if their personal information is provided by you) when you:

1) make or manage an arrangement or registration to participate at an VCW activity, either personally or as a member of group;
2) request Club materials or information;
3) post material to our website and / or social media page;
4) complete a feedback or surveys as part of our Club activities;
5) register at the reception at one of our activities;
6) raise a complaint or dispute with us or are involved in a legally recordable incident at our activities (e.g. in relation to health and safety reporting);
7) speak to one of our representatives;
8) and / or use our website and customer applications in any other way.

The personal information collected in the above manner may include the following about you (and others if their personal information is provided by you):

A) full name;
B) postal address;
C) email address;
D) telephone number;
E) identification information (such as passports, drivers’ licenses or national identity cards);
F) your Vespa Club membership (local Club and national Club you belong to);
G) image data;
H) Vespa identifier (i.e.: number plate, serial number)
I) IT machine identifiers (such as IP addresses);
J) geo-location;
K) dispute resolution information;
L) disability and health information;
M) behavioral data (tags and cookies – see Cookies and Tracking section below); and
N )voice recordings.


What do we mean with third parties and how do we deal with them?

Third parties are parties who do not belong to our Vespa Club organization and includes the Company Piaggio and the Piaggio foundation (Museo Piaggio).

We may obtain information about you from social media providers such as Twitter and Facebook or from third party websites where you have left commentary or feedback about us.

We generally try always to avoid to give any personal related data to third parties and we do not transfer personal data, under no means, to third parties for commercial means. Your personal data are property of you, but for us the owner of your data is your local Club, where you are member, who is responsible to maintain and process your data and who submits your data via the national Club (national Federation) to us for the means are stated here in this Privacy Policy. The hierarchic structure of the Vespa Club structure is by default not counted as third party, but in any case, the transfer of personal data will be reduced at any time to an absolute minimum, for administration and processing of Club activities. Affiliated Clubs on same level or within another national national Federation will be dealt always and basely like a third party, except they are organizer for an event or of a service which you are intend to use and/or use and/or have used, only as far as it is necessary stated here in this Privacy Statement.

1) We may transfer your necessary personal data to shipping companies if processing is required for communication or sending items by post.

2) All the data are stored in a professional high secure third-party data center at a Vespa World Club database. For technical reasons the technicians to this company do have access to the server and database under the relevant EU directive, Austrian Law and our Privacy Policy stated here.

3) We may transfer your necessary personal data to governmental authorities, courts, external advisors and similar third parties, that are public bodies or authorized, if required by any law or in legal cases where necessary to protect members interests.

All affiliated Vespa Clubs are owner of their members data National Vespa Clubs


Use of cookies

The VWC websites and mobile app use cookies and tags. We use our own cookies and tags as well as those from third parties to enable the smooth operation of the websites. We also use cookies/tags to monitor visits to our website and continuously look for places to improve your website experience. Our marketing partners also use cookies and tags to monitor the performance of our advertising and to serve appropriate VWC advertisements to you on other websites. We will never share any personal information about you with these third parties and the cookies and tags used maintain your anonymity.


Are you obligated to provide your personal data and what happens if you do not provide it?

The provision of the personal data is necessary, otherwise we would not be able to fulfill our club obligations. We have to know who member is and who take part at our events/activities and/or use our club-services.


How do we use your information and where do we operate?

We will collect personal information:

1) in order to take the necessary steps in preparation of, or to fulfill our obligations regarding Club administration issues and or organizing and administration of events, organized by us or affiliated Vespa Clubs (our members).

1.1) provide communications with you about registration, products and club services being provided, which you intend to use and/or use and/or have used;

1.2) administrate your Club membership and your participation and/or your services you intend to use and/or use and/or have used;

2) in our legitimate interest to improve our services:

2.1) to customize our website and its content to your particular preferences in accordance with the Cookies and Tracking section below.

2.2) improve our websites, prevent or detect fraud or abuses of our websites and enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf;

2.3) to contact you to ask about the experience using Club services as part of our contentious member service improvement attempts. This is not marketing communication;

2.4) to conduct research, statistical and behavioral analysis. This may include providing aggregate statistical information relating to members, participants, traffic patterns and related event information.

2.5) carry out security checks when allowing you access to our events as well as services and to block fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activity.

3) in order to meet our legal obligations:

3.1) ensure local jurisdiction regulations are complied with (where registration is necessary in such jurisdictions)

3.2) ensure we meet our tax and other regulatory obligations;

We may from time to time need to transfer your personal information to organizers of events or club-services who are located outside the European Union. Any transfer of your data will be subject to adequate levels of protection that will safeguard your privacy rights and give you remedies in the unlikely event of a security breach.


How long we will keep your personal information?

We retain your information for a range of purposes which determine the period of time for which we need to keep such information. For example (list is not exclusive):

1) For compliance with legal obligations arising from activities entered into with you.

2) 3 years from the point of last contact with you, this may include use of our websites, use of Club services, events or responses to communications with you.

We will remove your data from our systems at the end of the applicable data retention periods, unless we are required by law to retain your personal information for a longer period.


The responsible data controller for the data processing is:

Vespa World Club

Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7,

I-56025 Pontedera (PI)



You can contact our Data Protection Officer under:

Vespa World Club

c/o General Secretary

Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7,

I-56025 Pontedera (PI)


or via your local Club administration.


Our approach to information security

To protect your information, VWC has policies and procedures in place to make sure that only authorized personnel can access the information, that information is handled and stored in a secure and sensible manner and all systems that can access the information have proportionate and reasonable security measures in place. To achieve this any supplier has a contract, with defined roles and responsibilities.

While we take reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of your data, due to the inherent risks with the Internet, we are unable to warranty the absolute security of your data when using our services.


Where is your consent necessary?

Due to your membership, you gave already your consent to the processing of your data you’ve provided. If you are not member or in those cases where we additionally need your consent to process your information, we will ask you to make a positive indication. By actively providing us with your consent, you are stating that you have been informed and understood this privacy policy.


Which rights do you have?

You have the rights according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 in connection with the processing of your personal data which, however, might be limited under the applicable national data protection law.


Changes to the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may require an update from time to time, i.e. due to the implementation of new technologies or the introduction of new services. We reserve the right to change or supplement this Privacy Statement at any time. We will publish the changes on


VWC Privacy Policy 1.1